2018 Summer Farm Internships

erecting the shade structure

Thanks for looking into our summer farm internship program at Cherry Tree House Mushrooms!  Each year we invite a few folks to commit to working at CTHM for a month or two for at least a few days a week.  They get a chance to learn more about mushroom cultivation, farming in general, and tips on how to run a farm business.  We make an effort to make this experience really diverse and rich, and catered to the interests of each intern.  If you can’t make a commitment like this, we would still like your help for a day or two.

We work with students looking for internship opportunities, but also independent apprentice farmers and woofers.  WWOOF made a video last year about our farm that you can view here.

Internship Duration: at least 20 full days, May 1st – Dec., 2017. though we’d still like your help if you can’t commit to more than a couple days of your help!

Hours: 8-40 hours per week, flexible schedule

Internship Description: This is a great way to learn about the running of a small mushroom farm.

You will learn about and assist with mushroom cultivation (moving logs for force-fruiting; harvesting mushrooms, and packing); repairs and other farm maintenance; value-added production; sales – especially at the farmer’s market; and marketing through blogging or posting on facebook and the farm website.  You may also get a chance to inoculate mushroom logs, and this year you’ll get ample chance to help expand our shade structure, and other farm constructions.

Compensation: Internships are unpaid since this is intended as an educational internship, but you will get a share of mushrooms or other mushroom products that relates to your contribution.  We will also have housing available, as well as a few staples like mushrooms and eggs.

Qualifications: You don’t need to have had previous experience doing farm work, but I do expect applicants to have skill working carefully and quickly. Just as important is compatibility with other farm members, a good attitude, and a pleasant demeanor. You should also be able to lift 50 lbs.

How to Apply: Please email Jeremy at cherrytreehousemushrooms@gmail.com with a description of why you’d be interested in the internship and how it would advance your educational and career goals. I’d also like to see a resume and at least one professional and personal reference. Preference will be shown for intern candidates who are applying for this internship as part of their university studies.

Thanks for your interest in the 2017 CTHM summer farm internship!

Contact Farmer Jeremy McAdams at 612-205-8599 or fill out the form below:

Cherry Tree House Mushrooms LLC, 827 15th St., Clayton, WI, 54004


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