what is Cherry Tree House Mushrooms?

Jeremy McAdams launched Cherry Tree House Mushrooms in 2009, a mushroom farm that provides log-grown mushrooms to the Twin Cities.  CTHM started in many residential yards in south Minneapolis but now is situated on a thirteen acre farm in Maplewood.  See the farm tab for details.

Logs used by CTHM for cultivation are sustainably-harvested nearby, other ingredients used in our operation are (non-certified) organic, and we use no fungicides or other harmful chemicals.  In fact, we go a step further, in that we use biodegradable plastic wherever possible and untreated wood.

Why logs?  There are many ways that mushrooms grow, from button (agaricus) mushrooms on compost to shiitake on logs to morels, which grow on woody soil.  I use logs to grow mushrooms since we have fairly abundant sources of trees in Minnesota, logs produce high quality mushrooms, and because they don’t require the high input of energy required in many mushroom operations to sterilize compost, straw, or the other products used to cultivate mushrooms.  With fuel resources becoming more and more scarce, I believe mushroom cultivation like this or foraging are the most sustainable.

CTHM sells its high quality shiitake, oyster, and nameko mushrooms to Twin Cities groceries such as the Seward Co-op and restaurants such as the Birchwood Cafe.  For a list of sale venues and events, check out the mushroom & log kit finder tab.  Jeremy also sells dried mushrooms and log kits at farmers markets and log kits through Egg|Plant in St. Paul.  Finally, he also gives mushroom cultivation workshops, whose dates are published on the calender under the events tab.  You can also take a look at the mushroom cultivation tab, which gives some pointers on cultivation for the beginner.

Thanks for your interest in high quality organic mushrooms!

Jeremy McAdams
Cherry Tree House Mushrooms, LLC
3441 18th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407
CTHM on Facebook
@CTHMushrooms on Twitter

5 thoughts on “what is Cherry Tree House Mushrooms?

  1. That’d be great! Let me know when y’all are available and I’ll put you to work. I should have team work as soon as the second week of February.

  2. Hi, I am stoked that you are doing your thing around here, and hope to take your class May 4th…
    I am starting a Pirate-themed cookie company to be based primarily in Minneapolis…who knows…a mushroom cookie is a possibility!

    • I would try adding powdered reishi mushrooms in a cookie, since they are such a healthful mushroom, and there is certainly precedent for reishi and chocolate together. I don’t have any growing yet, but I hope to have some by the fall.

      • I just made some reishi brownies with powdered reishi. You can’t really taste the reishi, but they have all the great benefits of the mushroom! I put it in hot cocoa too.

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